Sunday, October 18, 2009

Climate Change Project

So back in July I started this environmental project with my school to educate my students and raise awareness about Climate Change. In July I taught a lessons about what is climate change?, the causes and effects, and what we can do to help stop it. In July- we focused on Earth Pollution, September- air Pollution, and October- water pollution. Each year level got to pick a culminating activity to do to help stop climate change. First year chose a tree planting and a campus wide clean up, Second year chose a mangrove tree planting, and Third and Fourth yea did a River clean up. The kids had a really good time and learned a lot. :) Here are the pictures

Fourth year students making posters encouraging people not to litter.

Me with the second year students at the mangrove tree planting.

Students on their way to plant mangroves.

She is very excited about planting her tree!

Some of the local fishermen helped us with our mangrove tree planting.

Students learning about mangroves.

The cool raft we rode back to our jeeps.

The third and fourth year students on our river clean up.

Looking for trash.


After the river clean up with all of our trash.

Teaching about air pollution

Tree planting with my first year students.

Campus clean up

Teaching about water pollution...

...and climate change.

Isn't she so cute? She is very excited about planting her tree.

Yea! Let's all work together to stop climate change! :) Some of my first year students after their tree planting.

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