Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dungog Indigenous People Festival 2009

This year Roxas City hosted the Indigenous People festival. So the native people from all over the Philippines came to show case their homes, way of life, livelihood products, foods, and native dances. It was really cool!

House from a tribe in Mindanao

They dye this straw/grass (not really sure to tell tyou the truth) to make these beautiful cloths. This is before...

And after! How pretty!

Kalinga tribe doing a native dance.

They let me try on the head dress!

and then I had to dance...haha :)

This is my favorite native house. It is from a tribe in northern Luzon. They use a ladder to get in their house and they pull the ladder up at night to protect themselves from animals and people.

The kitchen inside the house.

House from Palawan.

A woman from the tribe in Palawan. (This is Grace's nephew, Jolo. He was attached to me the entire day. I think everyone thought he was my son)

The medicine woman from Palawan!

She is ridding me from evil spirits with ginger and chanting.

Yay! I'm healed!

Me with some of the people from the Ati tribe. The Ati live on Panay Island. (My island)

Pretty shoes from Capiz!

Me with some of the dancers from the tribe from Mindanao

Some of my students from school.

Another tribe from Panay island. I loved these ladies! They had really cool bracelets and headbands, too.

Cool necklace.

C.R. (comfort room) of the Panay Island tribe house.

Found some more students!

Front of the house.

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