Thursday, September 17, 2009

*Playing in the Rain* Rainy Season 2009

It has been a CRAZY few months! I have been a travelin fool and I am sorry for my tardiness with my posts. I am staying put at site until my parents come in November. :)

My friend Christina and I at the opening night of Harry Potter. We were so excited! This was taken in Manila during our tech binder training. We were working on the curriculum for the new education peace corps volunteers who arrived in August.
Celebrating the completion of the new education technical binder with a night of dancing in Manila!
My first year students making friendship bracelets during my last English Traveling class. Second quarter I will be traveling with the second year students.

Peace Corps Volunteers before the Lady Gaga concert in Manila!

My friend Tom and I at Taco Bell in Manila before going to meet the new Peace Corps Volunteers. We rode an hour and a half on the subway just for Taco Bell. We were so excited! We have all become slightly obsessed with fast food...
Night out in Cebu before the prisoners dance.
My friend Julie! She is my new site mate (she recently moved to Roxas City) and lived with me for about a month and a half while looking for her apartment.
Butterfly sanctuary in Cebu.

In front of the prison with other PCVs.
Dancing to thriller.
My favorite dancer.

Tribute to Michael Jackson.

Books for Peace Donation arrives.
Marivel's and My birthday
Happy 24th birthday to me! Look at all my birthday food!
My 2nd birthday celebrated in the Philippines!
Host family and I at my birthday party at home.
Sugar Beach, Sipalay.
Me :)
So it rained the entire trip. We wanted to go scuba diving but it just didn't happen because of the weather, but we still had a nice relaxing time.

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