Sunday, February 22, 2009

Akon balay (My house)

My new apartment! Mine is on the first floor.
My apartment! I really like it because you have to go through a gate, a screen door, and then the actual door to get in the house. I feel very safe.
Living room. My curtains and pillows were made by the home ec teacher.
Stove and fridge. Stove was the previus PCV's and my school let me borrow my ref.
My C.R. with flushing toilet :)
I have a shower head!
but I still prefer the bucket.
Going upstairs...
Second bedroom/living room. My couch folds out to a bed! Visitors welcome :)
My room. My host family let me borrow my bed. :) They are so sweet!
My closet
Dresser my host family let me borrow for my bedroom.
Host family's house
Flushing toilet.

Living room
Dirty kitchen.
LC and my host mom in the dirty kitchen.
My host brother and host mom.
My room!
The other side of my room. The door leads into the bathroom. Very nice :)
The cute puppy poster in my room...
Little sitting area.
Wash area outside my host family's house.
First meal, corn and coke, in my new house with Grace and Charlie.
Host Mom, Host Dad, and Charlie.
Grace and I at dinner.
Oysters, green mango (sour mango), and peanuts.
Yummy scallops