Saturday, January 10, 2009

End of 2008

Rachael, Shauna, and I out in Boracay. Sorry, not many pics from the trip because the weather was not very pretty. But we had a fabulous time anyway!
Neighborhood kids singing Christmas carols at my house.
YAY for starbucks!
So there is a starbucks in Bacolod now!
Justin and I danving the night away with our families.
I went to visit my host family from Bacolod the weekend before Christmas. This was taken before our night out at the Disco. (My host mom loves to dance :) )
The boys turn to makeup the girls.
Lipstick game: The girls are blindfolded and have to put make-up (just lipstick) on the boys. Then they switch and the boys makeup the girls.
All of the food I was given (notice 3 plates and 2 cokes) after just 2 parties. I went to 4 parties...I was sooooooo full!!!
Newspaper dance game. The kids have a partner and they have to dance around a newspaper. When the music stops each pair has to stand on the newspaper. After each round the players have to fold the newspaper in half. It is really funny to watch!
Kamatis (Tomato) game. The kids have to keep the tomato held between the two of them while they dance around to music and try not to drop the tomato. It's really funny!
One of my first year classes' Christmas party.
My friend Grace's niece, Princess :) She thought I was a fairy, ha-ha, so she wanted a picture with me.
Fish drying rack. The racks go on forever down the beach.
Fishermen carrying in their catch. (Roxas is the seafood capitol of the Philippines)

Boat race in Roxas.

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