Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I had so much fun! I was not very fast, but I sat next to a man who helped me fill out my bingo card. I didn't win, but I had a lot of fun!
After the Handog party my friend Justin and I went to play Bingo. It was soooo fun! :)

My host parents and I at the Handog.

This is a picture from our host family Handog. A farewell and thank you to our host families for hosting us for the past three months. We played American and Filipino games at the party and this is a Filipino game called the newspaper dance. You dance around a newspaper and when the music stops you jump on the newspaper and everyone i your group has to fit on one piece of newspaper. So as the game goes on the paper gets smaller and smaller. This picture was taken right before we all fell down, LoL. :) We didn't win, but it was a fun game! :)

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