Wednesday, April 29, 2009

School's out for the summer!

Before we had graduation we had recognition day. This was one of my students who was recognized as the most honest boy in school!

Some of my first year students.

My host brother and host father on graduation.

The graduating class of 2009!

Getting scuba certified! My friend Elizabeth came and dove for a day too.

My scuba instructor.

Diving in Dauin.

Apo Island...kind of reminds me the island on Lost.

Getting ready to go! I got to do one of those cool back entries! It was fun :)

Holy week parade of the Patron Saints.

My friends Rachael, Shauna, and I in Cebu.

Me and Dom.

Street dancing in Romblon.

Coronation night at Anna's town fiesta in Romblon.

Sam and Ryan dancin the night away.

Clark and Dom.

Sam, Anna, and I.

The only picture I got of the fire. Kind of blurry, my camera doesn't take night pictures very well. But as you can see the fire was huge.

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