Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving on Guimaras Island

So we pushed all the beds in our Nippa hut together and slept on one huge bed. We are one big happy Peace Corps family, LoL. :)
My Peace Corps girls: Rachael, Sara, and Shauna. It was a very fun weekend!!! :)
My side of the table: Tom, Laura, and Alicia. Laura was very excited about the turkey... :)
John, Julie, and Becky
Marlo, Justin, and Sara
My dinner :)
Thanksgiving dinner was a success!!!
The finished turkey. Best turkey ever!
So I have the best uncles in the world!!! Uncle Tom and Chris sent me Chips and Salsa in my care package and I saved a bottle for Thanksgiving. So this was our Thanksgiving appetizer. Delicious!!!
Sooo... I kinda helped cook :)
John, Becky, Sara, and Ryan
Tom, John, and Marlo cooking the turkey, lechon style.
Hanging out with Rachael, Julie and Sara while everyone was cooking. :)
Cooking dinner
Our friend Alicia (who lives on a farm in the US) was our turkey killer. I did feel sorry for the little guy, but he was very tasty.
We slept in the Nippa huts. I mean can you believe this place?!?!
Soooo beautiful!!!
Playing volleyball.
We ate our Thanksgiving under a Nippa hut :) SO cool!
Beautiful Guimaras
Loading all of our stuff on the boat.
The view from our boat to Guimaras Island.
Our LIVE turkey that we brought with us to Guimaras.

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Saipan said...

Caitlin, u can be a model or actress there - u're gorgeous and sexy :)