Thursday, May 29, 2008

Off to the Philippines

So I am off to the Philippines! I am very excited to begin work as a Peace Corps volunteer! My staging is August 13-14. I will be in the education program working as a teacher of English. I am super pumped! I am a little sad about leaving my kindergarten kiddos, but I am so excited about this exciting adventure! My pre-service training dates are August 16-November 6, and my official service dates will be November 7, 2008-November 7, 2010. How exciting! Wahoo!


The Carrillo Journey said...

congratulations Caitlin! My husband is TEFL as well, if you have facebook a group has been started for our batch (267), you can add me and find it if you have a profile!

Amanda Campbell Carrillo (Lipscomb Alumni, Nashville, TN)

Congrats and see you in August!!

Connie Hoover said...

Hey Caitlin, I'm in your batch as well. I was so excited when I read you're from Florida, me too! See you soon.

jennifer said...

Caitlin, I hope you are loving life right now. What amazing Jungle creatures have you found Elle Woods?? How are your Mary Jane's working out for you? Gotten to trek through the forest yet? lol Just kidding! I can't wait to hear all about your time there! Let me know when Bear Grils makes it over to you on his raft to show you how to live a jungle life. Love you to the moon and back!!!